Jennifer Woodley: Exhale, Let It Go

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Exhale, let it go.

By Jen Woodley, Public Relations Coordinator, Great Prairie AEA
ISPRA Communicator of the Year Award Winner

Nspra yoga group 22

Jennifer Woodley leads school public relations professionals in yoga at the start of the NSPRA conference in Chicago, July 2022

In mid-July, a number of Iowa School PR Professionals attended the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) Seminar in Chicago. The conference is a great opportunity to connect with school public relations professionals across the nation. There is also the opportunity to present and share campaigns, experiences, and knowledge.

On the first morning of the conference at 6:15 AM, I lead “Yoga for PR Professionals.” Despite the early morning, I had great attendance and it was the perfect way to center and prepare for the day. Taking time to breathe, center, and rest during the day is sometimes impossible but it is necessary. 

During COVID, I completed my yoga certification and since then have added five other certifications on top of it. The practice has taught me to pause. Something that none of us do well, as our minds are always running. Even taking one minute during the day will help to increase productivity, relieve stress, and help you make clear and confident decisions. (It’s science… look it up!) 

For the next month, I challenge you to reserve 5 minutes twice a week in your calendar to breathe, stretch, and pause. I’m serious, open your calendar and block out 5 minutes on Tuesday and 5 minutes on Thursday for the next week. During these 5 minutes turn on your favorite song, put your phone away, rest your eyes and breathe in for 4 counts and out for 6 counts. If it calls to you during this time, you can roll your shoulders or stretch in any way that feels good to your body. 

Quiet your mind and repeat after me, I VALUE MYSELF AND MY WORK – I REFUSE TO LET ANYONE KILL MY VIBE – I AM SAVAGE NOT AVERAGE! Open your eyes, take a nice deep inhale, exhale let it go, and slay the day.

I am manifesting a successful year for you and your work!

Slides from Yoga for PR Professionals