Jul 21, 2023

Amanda Lewis: Artificial Intelligence and School Public Relations

By Amanda Lewis, ISPRA President 2021-23 Communications and Public Relations Specialist Des Moines Public Schools Image generated by AI ‘MidJourney’ in less than 10 seconds. I asked it for a “friendly robot working at a laptop” I had the opportunity over the last week to…

Feb 06, 2023

Kristin Heidemann: Facing The Teacher Shortage Trend

By Kristin Heidemann, Communications Director Forest City Community School District Central Rivers Area Education Agency Chief Administrator Sam Miller shared a thought-provoking message in September relating to the impact of teacher shortage in Iowa and across the country. He said, “Turning a blind eye to our growing shortage of…

Jan 06, 2023

Deron Stender: ‘Creston Cares’ Branding Makes An Impact

By Deron Stender, Superintendent Creston Community School District CRESTON CARES #CrestonCares Cultivating Achievement & Responsibilities while Educating ALL Students When I started my role at Creston as superintendent, they, like many districts, had several competing messages in the effort to identify values. As I sifted through…

Nov 07, 2022

Colleen Scholer: When Disaster Strikes

When disaster strikes: A guide to natural disasters that take out a city’s electrical and internet infrastructure By Colleen Scholer, Director of Communications Cedar Rapids Community School District ISPRA 2022 Communicator of the Year Award Winner An exterior photo of Washington High School in…

Oct 01, 2022

Jennifer Woodley: Exhale, Let It Go

Welcome to the Iowa School Public Relations Association Blog! A place for PR Professionals to share best practices, resources, and life lessons. All members are welcome and encouraged to submit a piece to the blog at All experiences and resources are valued. Exhale, let it go.

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