Deron Stender: ‘Creston Cares’ Branding Makes An Impact

Creston Cares t-shirtBy Deron Stender, Superintendent
Creston Community School District

Cultivating Achievement & Responsibilities while Educating ALL Students

When I started my role at Creston as superintendent, they, like many districts, had several competing messages in the effort to identify values. As I sifted through materials, I came upon Creston Cares. Knowing the history of the district and the support for children and staff, I knew the culture was centered around caring for each other. With the foundation in place, I guided the board and administration to recognize and support the modeling and marketing of Creston Cares.

We use Creston Cares to identify with where we want people to be in their hearts and how they treat each other at school and in our communities. We have Care Coins that we give to individuals who demonstrate acts of kindness. The Care Coins can be redeemed at the concession stand or local coffee shops. For the most part, people keep them because of what it represents and the value of their kind acts.

I make it a point to identify the kind acts of our students, staff, and community in all of my communications and typically sign off with #CrestonCares. This simple action has created a connection with students, staff, and the community and most importantly reinforces the kindness and caring culture of our schools.