ISPRA Professional Development for 2023-24

Lunchtime Virtual Learning

Lunchtime Virtual Learning will include a calendar invitation for every ISPRA member at least one week in advance of the session. If you have not received a link, please contact

  • All presentations will be scheduled from 11 a.m.-noon unless otherwise noted
  • Webinars will be streamed and recorded via Streamyard

Accessing livestreams:
To access the upcoming ISPRA “Lunchtime Virtual Learning” professional development series, simply click on the provided link in your calendar invitation. During the sessions, you can actively participate by asking questions and sharing thoughts in the YouTube chat. This interactive feature allows you to engage with both the presenters and other viewers, making it a fun and valuable learning experience.

Friday, October 6, 2023 – (Nicole Kirby, APR)
All I Need to Know About Public Engagement I Learned from My Toddler – Adults are
similar to children in their need to be heard and validated
Parenting experts tell us how powerful it is to listen to a child and validate their emotions.
Public engagement is the same: We must create structures where we can authentically listen
to people and show them that their voices made a difference. We’ll take you through a couple
case studies in school district public engagement, looking through the lens of parenting a
small child.

Friday, December 1, 2023 – (Bob Noyed, APR)
We Need More Students – Strategies for Creating and Implementing a Strategic
Enrollment Approach
Almost everything in a district or school revolves around student enrollment. Increasing or
stable enrollment provides so many more opportunities than when enrollment is decreasing.
And because families have more and more learning options to choose from, it is critical to take
a more strategic approach to managing your district’s enrollment. In this session, you will learn
five action steps to take right now to create a more strategic approach to enrollment to both
retain current students and recruit new students.

Friday, January 5, 2024 – (Jim Cummings, APR, and Nicole Kirby, APR)
You Can’t Make This Stuff Up – Crisis Communication Lessons Learned from More
Than Two Decades in School PR
Hear the crisis stories that taught these senior strategists the most in their long careers in
school PR. Learn what worked and what didn’t, and walk away feeling better prepared for your
next crisis.

Friday, February 16, 2024 – (Susan Brott, APR)
Finding and Communicating Hope during Challenging Times – Understanding what it
takes to feel hopeful and excited about the future
A global pandemic, mask and vaccine mandates, DEI initiatives, changing curriculum, book
challenges, school board elections, vouchers, culture wars … the list of hot button issues goes
on and on. It is enough to make even a happy clown turn their smile upside down. There is no
end of self-help books, mindful meditation apps and TED talks that we can access for support.
But how do you stay positive and communicate hope to your stakeholders when you feel
defeated and exhausted? This session will engage participants in understanding why
communicating hope is essential and share strategies for effectively doing so by pulling from
positive psychologist Charles R Snyder, as well as bestselling authors and speakers Breńe
Brown and James Clear. Learn how to maintain your sanity and find hope when everythings
seems to be working against you and communicate those messages to your stakeholders.

Friday, March 1, 2024 – (Bob Noyed, APR)
Building/Re-building Trust through Communication – Finding shared purpose and
mutual understanding a divided world
They say that trust takes years to build, seconds to break and (potentially) forever to repair. But
trust is essential to generating support for school and educational initiatives. So how do you
build, or re-build, trust in this divisive climate? In this session we will dig into understanding
trust and distrust, recognizing the four essential components of trust, and learning how to
foster trust through effective communication, engagement and management strategies.